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Writing the articles welcoming new members has been an interesting experience. Maybe you have noticed that our new members have very diverse jobs and interests just like our current members. I hope that by reading a little background information we’ll all feel more comfortable striking up a conversation and sharing our own interests outside of the Corvette world.

  • Blane Hanson from Viborg drives a 2007 black ZO-6, is a former USAF pilot and enjoys hunting and fishing. I’m sure your pilot training would serve you and that ZO-6 well at a track day sometime soon.

  • Jason & Paige Stensland from Larchwood, IA have four kids to enjoy outdoor activities, family vacations and new adventures with. They operate a family business and judging from their last name, I’m guessing it involves ice cream. Only time will tell if I’m correct and if I’m right, a few samples could make them very popular members.

  • Dustin & Carmon Weber are from Wessington Springs and drive a '05 red Corvette. We hope to meet you at future events and learn more about your other interests.

  • Dwight & Deb Beukelman from Sioux Falls drive a red '05 coupe, have 3 kids, and six grandkids. They enjoy boating, pickleball, Corvettes, and winters in Florida.

We look forward to meeting each of you and hope you join us at any or all of our future events.


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