With the 2019 BHCC quickly approaching we are need of a few more helmets to loan to our guests at both the autocross and the drags. We want to run events that are action packed for both the racers and the spectators. Exchanging helmets among racers has always been a bottle neck and it's really not that exciting to watch one of our volunteers running from car to car to retrieve a loaner helmet and then watch the driver sitting at the starting line putting on a helmet. If you have a helmet you no longer use and would like to donate it, the SFCC is looking a few. Please call Mike Skiles at 610-5791 or bring it to the April SFCC meeting.

They Bowled Us Over!

To take the boring out of April, a group of SFCC Members met for bowling. Take a look at the form....the power...the speed (and some occasional signs of confusion) of these master bowlers!!! Notice, not many faces are showing...nor are their scores revealed! All we know is that they had a lot of fun! (Besides...we want to keep the Winners anonymous so no one gets a big head!!!)

Happy April from the Prez!

Happy April !!! It was great to see so many of you at the March meeting and several vettes parked in the lot, as well. Welcome to our newest members, Chuck and Sonja Zitterich, who joined us at the March meeting. I have received a list of car shows, so you can pick and choose where you might want to go: Sunday May 5 Harrisburg Methodist Church 5-7pm (fundraiser) (This is the same day as our spring rally!) Saturday May 18, 11am-1:15pm Papik Motors in Luverne Free registration, free burgers and then a cruise thru Luverne at 1:15pm (you can pre-register on line at www.facebook/papikmotors or call 800-634-7701 Sat Jun 1 Trail Ridge Retirement Community on Ralph Rogers Road 1

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