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Our Spring collection yielded up a modest amount of trash. Our Club had a very successful Fall 2019 collection so a light Spring yield wasn’t unexpected. Kathy and I worked in calf high grass and a “strong breeze”. I sure know how to pick them!

Before I could get the email blast out to organize the Fall pick up, I got a call from Jennifer Johnke. She and her daughter Hailey are long time ditch walkers and Hailey wanted to know if she could help with the Fall cleaning. When I asked which of the four miles she would like, I was told, “all four”! Hailey was looking for a good deed to do and being an old Boy Scout myself, I counted allowing Hailey to clean all the ditches as my daily good deed. Win! Win!

Hailey collected ditch debris over the course of three visits and I picked up and disposed of the trash. Her bounty included a PTO tumbler shaft and a package of new fish hooks. She kept the fish hooks and Bruce down at the DOT shop in Canton assured me the PTO shaft did not come from his mower so it went into my scrap metal pile.

No pizza! No beer! Just doing a good deed to make our State's roadways more beautiful.

Thanks so much to Mary and Bruce Boyd, Hailey and Jennifer Johnke, and my wife Kathy for their support of the Adopt-A-Highway Litter Control Program this year.

Respectfully submitted,

Dusty Miller


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