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Congratulations to Chuck Wiese, Tom & Shelia Reding, Joe & Laural Dose, Ron & Cindy Kersbergen, and Bill & Lana Kullander for making significant contributions to the SFCC and the BHCC since the early 70’s. It’s absolutely amazing that after 50 years their ideas and hard work help make our Corvette world more fun for all of us!

At the April Board meeting they were all named Charter Members and will be recognized at the BHCC awards brunch as well as the SFCC banquet in November. Next time you meet any of them, tell them thanks for all their hard work, but don’t for a minute think that they only worked. They played too and listening to some of the stories, they played hard. Ask them to tell some of their stories about the “good old days.” If they draw a blank jog their memory by asking about the beer keg throwing contests, or the tricycle autocross on the roof of the Holiday Inn, or the Playboy bunny, or the races through the rest areas, or the one bottle of wine at every rest area, or the annual banquet “mooner”.

Thanks for the good times and the memories.


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