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PREZ SEZ - March 2023

Greetings all!

I have the itch to get my car out of storage……if the snow would only melt!!

Your Board of Directors has had a busy couple of months already. Here is the latest.

We have a NEW HOME for our meetings. We are moving to the Ramada by Wyndham (formerly the Ramada Inn) at Russell and West (across from the Sheraton) Bids by our former home came in WAY high for 2023 so we shopped around and the Ramada offered us the best bang for the buck. They are super excited to have us there! And you will be able to tell by the

“Corvette Only Parking signs” that will be in the parking lot when we start driving our cars again. Their Sales department along with the hotel owner (who offices on site) were extremely easy and cooperative to work with to set us up for 2023.

We will meet in their Conference center, (door on north side of the building) The Board voted to go back to the “snack bar” style of food, rather than a “meal”, due to costs. For those of you who have been around the club for a while, this was the way we used to do it and began providing more of a meal as it was offered without an increase in cost. The new costs for a buffet meal are running in the $20-30 a plate area and with an average of 100 people per meeting, it would have cost us well over $2000 per meeting; so, we all agreed that you can have your evening meal on your own, where ever, but that we will provide snack type food during the meeting.

Past Prez, Mike Skiles has done an awesome job of setting up some fun Drive and Dine activities for this year, (some which will replace a couple of general meetings) We will outline those activities at the March General meeting. We will also have a print out for those who do not have access to a computer or email. (If you know of someone like that, PLEASE call them and remind them of the new meeting place!!!!)

We are also very excited about an offer that new Secretary Jeff Gifford has offered for our Spring Car Show. He is a member of the local “Star Wars” costumed folks, who dress the part for non-profit functions. He has offered to bring several characters to “wander” around our spring car show! We will promote this with the idea of drawing more kids and non-corvette families! We will have the spring car show at the Military Alliance, on West Russell (across the street from the Ramada) Come to the meeting to find out more about it!!

See you at the March 29th meeting.

President Dave Rowe


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