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PREZ SEZ - 7/3/23

Happy 4th of July!

I wanted to provide a couple of updates for the summer, since we have so many activities going on and not necessarily in “meeting mode”.

There will NOT be a Board meeting in July. It would normally be scheduled two days after our return from the BHCC and I do not expect Barry will be able to report on much after two days. We will wait to hear from him at the Nordstrom party! We WILL have a Board meeting in August as scheduled.

Thanks to all who attended the “meeting in Motion” at Hartford. We had a great crowd, lots of cars and a fun evening. We have learned from that trip, that we will make some minor modifications to our next traveling meetings……

The rest of our summer schedule is posted on the Events page on the website, so be sure to check there for updates. I will also send updates, if there is something that needs to be altered for an event.

I have received some comments (pro and con) on the way we have been holding (or not holding) our meetings. This is an experiment year! The SFCC Board reviewed budget, income and expenses for the year and decided to more “meetings in motion” to save expense of an event location. We had to consider that we don’t have the income (from the BHCC) that we have had for the last many years so had to adjust expenses. It is not cheap to hold a meeting in an event center. We figured, early in the year, that the club spends an average of $150 a member per year, but only takes in $50 a member. That math is easy to figure out!!

We don’t have the Merchandise trailer out as much for two reasons. First, we do not have a vehicle to pull it. It takes at least a ¾ ton pickup to move it and even then, it’s a tough tow! We have gone to “on-line” shopping so we are not stocking new merchandise to save the overhead! (We still have merchandise in the trailer that did not sell last year!!)

The Board has had a limited discussion on what to do with the merchandise trailer, which includes perhaps selling it, and getting something smaller and more manageable. No decisions have been made and we are still looking at all options. (We are considering the costs to store and insure it when it is not being used) It WILL be towed to Jerry’s for the first day of the Classic, but will NOT be going to Spearfish.

And finally, in the fall, we will give everyone a survey to fill out. We will be looking for opinions on the general meetings, meetings in motions, and more; giving you a chance to express any ideas you might have. Based on the surveys we will decide, for 2024, whether we go back to regular monthly membership meetings or do something similar to this year.

Dave Rowe, President


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