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February 2023

First, some sad news.

Member Becky Jolin (husband Wes) passed away unexpectedly at home on Friday, Feb 3rd of a sudden cardiac event. Becky and Wes have been members of the SFCC since 2010. Funeral arrangements are pending through Meyers Funeral Home in Sioux City. Wes will call me with particulars once arrangements are complete and I will forward to all members. The club will be sending flowers when we get the date, time and location for any of you that may want attend the funeral. Please keep Wes in your thoughts and prayers!

Secondly, we will be holding our February Board Meeting at a different location! The meeting will be held at the Ramada Inn convention center at Russell and West on Tuesday Feb 21st, at 6:30pm. Primary discussion will be comparing bids from a variety of venues in the Sioux Falls area to hold our meetings in 2023. (We received a new contract bid from the Hilton for 2023 and it is a significant increase over what we have been paying. Their bid is included in the bids to be considered) Board members are soliciting bids from other venues in the Sioux Falls area and we will compare those bids and have a recommendation for the Club, at the March 29 General meeting. The location for the March 29 General meeting will be announced later, stay tuned.

In other news, Past President Mike Skiles has presented a proposal for some awesome Drive and Dines this year; a couple that will probably replace a General meeting or two, to allow us more time together in our cars. We will discuss his proposal at the February Board Meeting and post those dates and events, so everyone has them. They will also be repeated at the March General meeting.

Reminder: We continue to have Board meetings every month but following last year’s trend, our first General meeting will be on March 29 (location to be announced).

VP Denny Robinson also reminds me that we have approximately 100 club members who have NOT paid their 2023 club dues yet! They are due by April 1st, before names are removed from the ACTIVE roster. Once removed, those people will no longer receive club event information. Dues may be paid in-person at the March 29 General meeting or by sending a check to:

Sioux Falls Corvette Club

PO Box 90

Sioux Falls, SD 5710

President Dave Rowe


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