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January 2023

Happy 2023 everyone!

As your President for 2023, I wanted to pass the information out so that you have an idea of what our club will be doing this year. Please check out the events calendar on our club website,, for planned activities and meeting dates! Our new CHIPS editor, Mike Hardy, will be updating information as we go. For those of you who have been in the club for a while, most of the 2023 Board of Director’s names should be familiar.

We want to welcome Jeff Gifford, our new Secretary for 2023, who has jumped right in. Jeff joined at the last meeting in 2022 and three days later accepted the Secretary position. He indicated that if he was going to be a club member, he wanted to be involved. As you get to know Jeff, you will find out he is a BUSY guy! Welcome aboard, Jeff.

We also welcome back to the club, Ryan and Denise Berg, who took a break in the action after working so many years as BHCC Chairs. Ryan immediately signed up to take over the Merchandise, so we know we will be well taken care of.

Our other newest Board Member, who I have already alluded to, is Mike Hardy, who offered to take over the CHIPS editor job from Christina. THANK YOU A MILLION, Christina, for all that you have done with the CHIPS.

We have meeting dates set for 2023, so check the calendar. For the most part, the dates remain the same in that the General meeting will be the LAST Wednesday of each month, starting in MARCH. (No general meetings for January and February!) We will continue with Board meetings, the Tuesday of the week BEFORE the general meeting. The Board WILL meet in January and February to keep things going. As always, members are invited to sit in on Board Meetings, which are held in the same room as the general membership meetings at the Hilton Garden Inn-South. (6:30pm start)

At this point, we have talked about NOT having a May general meeting but instead planning a fun Drive and Dine instead. As usual, our immediate Past President Mike Skiles, will probably have something spectacular planned. (Thanks to Mike for continuing to take care of D&D!)

I encourage all members to wear their name tags to meetings. We have so many new members who do not know those of us that have been around for a while. AND, ya just never know when there might be something special brewing for those who wear name tags to meetings!

Lastly, if you know of a member who does NOT have email (some long time members do not), please remind them of any upcoming activities if you see or talk to them!

Looking forward to a great year!

Dave Rowe, President


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