Sioux Falls Corvette Club


June Drive and Dine


Twenty-one Corvettes and one Porsche joined the June Drive and Dine from SF to the Broadwater on Lake Madison.  The Porsche Club was invited to say than you for their help passing the Rear Plate Only legislation.  Jim and Arlyce Lillegaard represented the Porsche club, enjoyed the event and where very complimentary of the SFCC member’s hospitality.

Remember the John Denver song “Country Roads”?  Common comments from those attending the Drive and Dines are that everyone enjoys seeing country roads that most have never been on, even though they grew up in the area.  It’s a great way to drive your Vette and socialize with fellow members.

Our next Drive and Dine is on July 20th , to avoid pre-BHCC activities and late month Board of directors and membership meetings.  Since the May trip to Waddy’s in Hudson was cancelled (due to hail in the forecast) we will make Waddy’s our destination for July 20.  See you at 5:30-6:00 in the Dawley Farms theater parking lot.


Prez Sez:
Where has the time gone? June is drawing to a close and Summer has officially started! The Show season has begun and numerous opportunities to either show off your “pride and joy”, or just a chance to reconnect with friends met at previous car shows. I know that the University of Okoboji Corvette Club show is at the end of July (29th & 30th). I think it would be a great event for our Club to go to, to show our support for their Club – quite a few of their members have already registered for the Black Hills Corvette Classic.

Speaking about the Classic – it’s fast approaching. There is still time to get involved and help with registration in Beresford on Wednesday, July 13th, help park Vettes for “Hot Summer Nights” that evening and the many events in Spearfish that need people to help put on one of the longest running Corvette rallies nation-wide!

I’d like to encourage you to attend the general membership meeting, on June 29th at 7:30pm. You might want to come early and view some of the historical posters that Roger and Lola Coon will be putting on display from “years past”! It’s a great opportunity to view the history of our Club! Come and enjoy the benefits of your membership dues – looking forward to seeing all of you.

Mike Gilbride

The Prez

Vettes in the Park

Looking for a really nice Corvette Event within a day driving distance.  Consider Vettes in the Park. It’s fun, it’s scenic, and the University of Okoboji Corvette Club is a great neighbor club and they have always supported the Black Hills Corvette Classic.


Little Village

Little VillageHere’s the information on the Little Village Musuem that was part of our Garage Tour this spring.  Several who were not able to attend have expressed interest. If you’re going to visit the Little Village do it when the temperature is cooler.  If you have ever worked in a barn during the summer months, you’ll understand.  It is very interesting and the owners has a story about every item.  It’s worth your time.

Meeting Minutes

Sioux Falls Corvette Club Board Minutes
Tuesday April 19th, 2016
Board Members Present: Jane and Dave Mutschelknaus, Kris Haase, Dusty and Kathy Miller, Lisa Glasgow, John Pesicka, Eric Bertrand, Glen and Mic Hofer
Guests: Ron Kersbergen, BJ Glasgow
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Eric Bertrand
Minutes are completed for all board and general meeting. Continue reading

Minutes of April Meetings

SFCC General Membership Meeting
Wednesday, April 27th, 2016
The general Membership meeting was called to order at 7:30 by Sgt at Arms Dave Mutschelknaus
Mike G shared many interesting and entertaining facts with the group
Dusty brought samples of clothing to the meeting for members to view and give input into selection of items.
Dusty has schedule highway cleanup for May 7th. Meet at 9:30 at Dareo’s Pizza to walk the ditches of the highway adopted by SFCC. At 11:00 the volunteers will have pizza and beverage at Dareo’s. A show of hands indicated good support for the event. Continue reading


Mother Nature cooperated with our first Corvette driving event of the year.  Twenty-two cars headed north on I-29 to view the Little Farm collection of farm and rural memorabilia collected by the Lacey family over their many years of drilling wells.  They worked on a project to abandon unused wells on old farm places that allowed them to search old buildings for pieces of our history that were going to be bulldozed or burned.  If you grew up on a farm or spent some time on relatives farms this collection is worth your time to listen, learn and share your own memories of the “good old days”.  We spent about two hours there, but had to leave because Steve Ollerich was waiting to show us his Pontiac Collection in Dell Rapids.  Steve building is home to about 40 Pontiacs from the muscle car era and was just finished last fall so is not totally completed. His man cave which will seat about 75 people and is open to the community for graduations, showers, etc.  At about 5 PM we met at the Old 77 Bar & Grill, to socialize and enjoy a meal.

On our first Drive & Dine on May 10, we drive through Newton Hills on our way to Waddy’s in Hudson,  SD where you will be able to order off the menu or for quicker service order what many call the best pulled pork sandwich in the tristate area, fries, and coleslaw for $7.00.  Meet in the theater parking lot at Dawley Farms at 5:30, depart at 6:00. If you’re late and want to catch up call Mike at 610-5791.



Our Spring Rally will be held this year on Sunday May 1st.and will be meeting at Jerry’s Chevrolet in Beresford.  The drivers meeting will be at 12:45 with the first car out at 1:00.  You are welcome to arrive at 11:30 to visit and enjoy some snacks.  We are encouraging first timers to come and enjoy the day!!!


Glen & Mick Hoffer

Kevin & Kim Buffington