Sioux Falls Corvette Club


SFCC General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

The general Membership meeting was called to order at 7:30 by Sgt at Arms Dave Mutschelknaus


Mike G shared an interesting and entertaining story on snakes with the group

Jeff Armstrong requested 9 convertible corvettes to drive in the Hot Harley Nights parade to allow children from Make A Wish to ride along.  These cars would lead the route for Hot Harley Nights.

The University of Okoboji Corvette Club is having a car show on July 29th– 30th.  There is a drive and dine event with the car show.

Kim Vanderwerf, a club member, will be having surgery at Mayo Clinic for a tumor to his right eye.  Please send well wishes to him and his wife, Teri.

Glen and Mic Hofer reprinted 20 copies of DVD of the history of SFCC, BHCC originally made in 2006.  They are asking for $5.00 for each DVD.

Stan Dressan has sold his C4 Corvette.  He has a car cover and key fob for this model for sale.

Roger and Lola Coon had a history of SFCC with pictures displayed on poster boards for members to view.

Vice President:

212 members for SFCC.  MJ introduced new members John and Deb Platestrom.  They have recently moved to the area.  They have owned a 2008 red coupe for the past 4 years. They did attend BHCC last year.  Rick and Deb Bishop have been past/intermittent members. Currently they own a 2015 C7. Gayle and Patti Reiner’s are past members visiting this evening.  Linda and Bob Moorland are past members who are also visiting, Bob was president of the club in 1976.  They are attending BHCC this year.

Jason will have information soon regarding an event August 19th – 21st in Hastings NE.  This will be a high speed event held in conjunction with Jerry’s.  Jason is also helping with the auto cross and drag races at BHCC. Autocross is at Black Hills State 8:00 to 12:00 on Friday.  Barry did speak of adding a new twist to the autocross this year with a “battle of the pros” component.   Volunteers are needed.


Dusty had the merchandise trailer out front of Callaway’s.  A discount was given tonight on purchases. Dusty also has a small amount of SFCC caps.



Lisa Glasgow reports the club finances are solvent.


Mike G is planning a picnic at the end of July in place of the general meeting.  More details to come. Please check the website for details.


Kris reported on BHCC.  There are 351 cars registered. 370 people are signed up for the banquet. 44 different clubs are registered.  558 people are signed up for the mixer in Spearfish.  425 are signed up to attend events at Jerry’s on Wednesday. Numbers signed up for different events:    83- autocross,   80 – poker run,   100- Women’s event,    600- Vette Street,    100 – drag races.  4 seminars are being held.

Due to the Department of Transportation repaving Spearfish Canyon highway the Dream Cruise will be cancelled.  Kris will send out a notice to registrants who have signed up for this event.   The tours are mostly full.   Please wear blue to the banquet to help represent SFCC.


Barry Konken requests volunteers at 8:00 on Wednesday of BHCC to help with parking.  Currently 400 people are signed up to attend.  A drone will fly over at noon for pictures with owners standing by their cars.

Spring Rally:

The May spring rally went well.

 Break: 50/50 raffle drawing tickets were sold by Dave Mutschelknaus, Sgt at Arms.  Winners were $106 to Jan Hudson, $106 to Children’s Inn.  And a $20 gift card to Wes Jolin.  A Frying Pan gift card was won by BJ and Lisa Glasgow.  A Pizza and Culvers gift card was won by Wes Jolin.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bob and seconded Kathy.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:40.

The next Board Meeting will be August 23rd, 2016 at CJ Callaway’s at 6:30 pm.

The next General Membership meeting will be August 31st, 2016 at CJ Callaway’s at 7:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Mutschelknaus, Secretary


Sioux Falls Corvette Club Board Minutes

Tuesday June 21st , 2016

 Board Members Present:   Jane and Dave Mutschelknaus, Kris Haase, Dusty and Kathy Miller, Lisa Glasgow, John Pesicka, Eric Bertrand, Glen and Mic Hofer, Mike Gilbride

Guests: Ron Kersbergen, BJ Glasgow

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Mike Gilbride


Mike shared an email request from NFC performance to offer a discount for a link to the club website.  As NFC has little product to offer for corvettes this was declined.  Mike noted the Roger and Lola will have poster boards of club history at the general meeting next week. Ron K also has history of the club pins.   Mike did post a Prez Sez on the website.

Vice President:

Membership is at 222 members.


Minutes are completed for all board and general meeting.


Dusty will need a few volunteers for BHCC.  The merchandise truck will be at the general meeting for sales.


Lisa Glasgow has visited with the banks and has updated the accounts for SFCC and BHCC.

Spring Rally:

The rally went well.  The event was well attended.

Car Show:

There was a good turnout for the car show.  After discussion the Board decided to donate any remaining T-shirts from the car show rather than do a close out sale at the BHCC.  The thank-you board was displayed at the car show but will not be displayed at BHCC.


Kris has a group gathering on Monday, June 27th at 6:30 in the evening to help put together the packets for BHCC.  There are 342 registrations with walk-ins expected. The tours are fairly full and the drag races have a good number signed up. Kris is planning 100 for the Women’s event. Volunteers are needed for auto cross, drag races, and Spearfish registration.   The Dream Cruise has run into a problem in that the Spearfish Canyon Road is being repaved.  Other routes are being considered.  Kris will send out prior notice that due to road construction the Dream Cruise in Spearfish Canyon will not be held.  C-Magic will be present at BHCC.

A motion was made by Eric Bertrand and seconded by Jon Pesicka to have the number of events worked for BHCC in order to qualify for possible discount as 2 events per person/4 events per couple.  The discount could be offered if the BHCC makes a profit and the amount would be determined based on profit.  The motion carried.

Old Business:

The updating of the Bylaws has been delayed to August after the BHCC.  Kris has been visiting with a person from Madison in regards to her possibly redoing the website. She works at Dakota State printing facility and does do free-lance.  Kris will check on her rate and number of hours needed.


A motion was made by Dave M to adjourn the meeting.  Motion seconded by Kris Haase.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 by Mike Gilbride.

The next General Membership meeting will be June 29th at 7:30 pm at CJ Callaway’s.

The next Board Meeting will be August 23rd at 6:30 at CJ Callaway’s.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Mutschelknaus, Secretary





 5th Annual Vettes on the Plains

August 13, 2016

Bass Pro Shop – 12051 Bass Pro Drive, Olathe KS

Rain or Shine Event

Registration 8:00 am – 11:00 am – Awards at approximately 2:30 pm

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Trophies All Generations ¨ Best of Show ¨ Bass Pro Choice

Note: Judging Criteria is posted at www.KCCORVETTEASSOCIATION.COM

Silent Auction ¨ Door Prizes ¨ 50/50 Pot

KCCA Proudly Supports Wounded Warriors , Camp Quality & St. Jude Children’s Hospital


Pre-Registration $30.00                                After August 1st $35.00


  • ————————————-Registration Form (Please Print & Send With Payment)——————————————

                                                                                                                                                                                Car Information:

Name: ______________________________________________________________

                                                                                                                                                                                Coupe ____ Conv. ____ Hardtop ____


                                                                                                                                                                                Year ___________ Color ___________

City, State, Zip: ______________________________________________________


Home Phone: ______________________ Cell Phone: _______________________                    


Email Address: ______________________________________________________ Club Affiliation: _____________________________           


Will you attend Friday Night Meet & Greet?              Yes ___           No ___                        Number Attending _______________________


Meet & Greet at Uncle Buck’s Grill, located at Bass Pro.   6:00 – 8:00 pm  Full 2-Meat BBQ Buffet $15.00 per person/includes non-alcoholic beverages, taxes & gratuity. Restaurant requires firm headcount so BUFFET MUST BE PRE-PAID WITH REGISTRATION.


 Total: Registration _________ + Meet & Greet ________= $ ________   Make Check Payable to KCCA


Host Hotel:  Hilton Garden Inn 12080 S. Strang Line Rd  Olathe KS  66062  913-815-2345  $124.00/night (includes breakfast), plus tax. Reservations must be made 30 days prior to show date to guarantee this rate.


Hold Harmless Agreement:  I agree to assume risks of any and all damages or injuries and to indemnify and hold harmless the Kansas City Corvette Association for any acts or omissions which result in the theft of or damage to my property or injury to me or others occurring during or as a consequence of this event.


Signature: ________________________________________________________ Date:__________________________________________


Mail Registration Form & Payment To:

Katie Curtiss 1025 SE Wingate Court Lee’s Summit, MO  64081 (816) 589-5743



Final plate designRear Plate Only

The Rear Plate Only law is in effective so made the trip to the Courthouse to make my application for the Rear Plate Only.  The guy who waited on me was familiar with the plate and the process, which was simple and fast.  Since Personalized Plates are not allowed, I transferred my personal plate to my pickup, so that if we can get the personalized plate included as an option for the Rear Plate Only next year it will still be available to me.  Attached is what the new plate will look like, not one of our designs, but not bad.  You’ll note there is nothing on the sides, so there will be space for the seven characters allowed on personalized plates, when & if we get that option cleared in the next year.

Here’s how it works.

  • Bring your old plates, registration & ID with you to the County Treasurer’s Office
  • Tell them you want the Rear Plate Only on that vehicle
  • They fill out the form on line
  • They will ask you for a current mileage reading
  • You pay the normal fee, plus $25
  • They issue you a paper plate valid for 45 days
  • You will receive the actual plate in about 30 days


Sioux Falls Corvette Club Board Minutes
Tuesday May 17th, 2016
Board Members Present: Jane and Dave Mutschelknaus, Kris Haase, Dusty and Kathy Miller, Lisa Glasgow, Mike Gilbride, Mike Skiles, Jason A, Roger Coon
Guests: Ron Kersbergen
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Eric Bertrand
Minutes are completed for all board and general meeting.
Registrations are at about 456 people. Tours are filling up. Need a leader for Friday 1880 train. Kris will create list of volunteers. 267 are registered for the banquet. Callaway High Performance Company wants to be involved. Email was sent about the autocross and drag races which helped with sign up. Chris Amdahl will be in charge of registration in Sioux Falls. A registration lead is needed in Spearfish. Day Chairs are ready. Signup sheet for volunteers will be at May general meeting. Merchandise will need a sign sheet at the May general meeting. 411 are signed up for social/mixer. 100 cars are signed up for the Dream Cruise. No C1s are registered at this time.
Dusty has been cleaning the trailer. Clothes have been ordered. Event T shirts will be ordered after the car show. Jewelry order for keychains and money clips has been ordered.
Lisa Glasgow submitted balance sheet for review. The club has 2 accounts for SFCC and BHCC. The Board did not feel there was need for a savings account. Lisa will check with Bank as to whether either of the accounts make money or if there are charges for the accounts.
Jason is planning to partner with Jerry’s for an event sometime this summer. More information will be provided when details are finalized
Drive and Dine:
Next event is June 7th, drive to Broadwater on Lake Madison to dine.
Spring Car Show:
Will be held June 5th, plans are in place.
New Business:
Kris asked that if anyone has pictures of events they can be sent to her. She will forward them on or
post them.
Discussion was held on changing the website for SFCC and BHCC. This could be done by club member or
a person could be hired for this job. The club would need someone with time and technical knowledge
to build new website programs. Members will explore options.
Kris brought it to the board’s attention that Roger Coon has several of his photos displayed at the Frying
A motion was made by Mike Skiles to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by Roger Coon. Motion
carried. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 by Mike Gilbride.
The next General Membership meeting will be May 25th at 7:30 pm at CJ Callaway’s.
The next Board Meeting will be June 21st at 6:30 at CJ Callaway’s.
Respectfully submitted,
Jane Mutschelknaus, Secretary


June Drive and Dine


Twenty-one Corvettes and one Porsche joined the June Drive and Dine from SF to the Broadwater on Lake Madison.  The Porsche Club was invited to say than you for their help passing the Rear Plate Only legislation.  Jim and Arlyce Lillegaard represented the Porsche club, enjoyed the event and where very complimentary of the SFCC member’s hospitality.

Remember the John Denver song “Country Roads”?  Common comments from those attending the Drive and Dines are that everyone enjoys seeing country roads that most have never been on, even though they grew up in the area.  It’s a great way to drive your Vette and socialize with fellow members.

Our next Drive and Dine is on July 20th , to avoid pre-BHCC activities and late month Board of directors and membership meetings.  Since the May trip to Waddy’s in Hudson was cancelled (due to hail in the forecast) we will make Waddy’s our destination for July 20.  See you at 5:30-6:00 in the Dawley Farms theater parking lot.


Prez Sez:
Where has the time gone? June is drawing to a close and Summer has officially started! The Show season has begun and numerous opportunities to either show off your “pride and joy”, or just a chance to reconnect with friends met at previous car shows. I know that the University of Okoboji Corvette Club show is at the end of July (29th & 30th). I think it would be a great event for our Club to go to, to show our support for their Club – quite a few of their members have already registered for the Black Hills Corvette Classic.

Speaking about the Classic – it’s fast approaching. There is still time to get involved and help with registration in Beresford on Wednesday, July 13th, help park Vettes for “Hot Summer Nights” that evening and the many events in Spearfish that need people to help put on one of the longest running Corvette rallies nation-wide!

I’d like to encourage you to attend the general membership meeting, on June 29th at 7:30pm. You might want to come early and view some of the historical posters that Roger and Lola Coon will be putting on display from “years past”! It’s a great opportunity to view the history of our Club! Come and enjoy the benefits of your membership dues – looking forward to seeing all of you.

Mike Gilbride

The Prez

Vettes in the Park

Looking for a really nice Corvette Event within a day driving distance.  Consider Vettes in the Park. It’s fun, it’s scenic, and the University of Okoboji Corvette Club is a great neighbor club and they have always supported the Black Hills Corvette Classic.


Little Village

Little VillageHere’s the information on the Little Village Musuem that was part of our Garage Tour this spring.  Several who were not able to attend have expressed interest. If you’re going to visit the Little Village do it when the temperature is cooler.  If you have ever worked in a barn during the summer months, you’ll understand.  It is very interesting and the owners has a story about every item.  It’s worth your time.