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We’re in the heat of the summer months and the heat of the Corvette season. The hours of daylight are getting shorter and so is the time to enjoy driving your Corvette, but there is no lack of opportunities to enjoy America’s Sports Car and the company of the people who drive them.

The 51st Black Hills Corvette Classic is in our rearview mirror. The weather was great and so were all the events that comprise the total package that comes with registration. The partnership we entered into with the Holiday Inn was a transition that flowed seamlessly due to the hard work and attention to detail from the staff at the Holiday Inn. The SFCC has always looked at the BHCC as an opportunity to “host” a party in our home, South Dakota. The Holiday Inn carried on that tradition and demonstrated that they are truly in the “hospitality” business. Some things that stand out are the presentation of the flag by the Color Guard, the outstanding outdoor entertainment, and the grand finale fireworks.

I want to thank every single person who volunteered their time to make the 51st BHCC an enjoyable event. At the risk of missing someone, I want to give a shout out to several people:

  • Barry Konken for his work as coordinator.

  • Jerry’s Chevrolet for their sponsorship of the Welcome Event.

  • Art & Marie Nordstrom for their sponsorship of the Quick 60.

  • Abdulah Delbasic (Sioux Empire Cleaning) for sponsoring Hot Summer Nights.

  • The Under the Hood Show for announcing at the Quick 60.

  • Lisa Glasgow for handling the treasurer duties of both SFCC and BHCC.

  • Jen, Hailey, and Del Johnke stepped up to the plate in a big way and did an outstanding job with merchandise sales. The amount of time they spent planning, buying, organizing, designing and selling was amazing and it showed.

  • Ron & Cindy Kersbergen, Chuck Weise, Joe & Laural Dose, Bob & Lee "Giggles" Klosterbuer, Tom & Sheila Redding,

Greg Johnson, along with numerous other pioneers of the early BHCC’s were the stars of a very well-done video shown at the banquet, was provided by the Holiday Inn.

  • MJ & Kathy Klokkenga deserve a thank you for building and maintaining a relationship that has led to a multiyear sponsorship from Riddles Jewelry.

  • Lee & Kathy Jensen and Dan & Karla Casanova the owners of Riddles have our gratitude for recognizing our female guests in a way that is unique to BHCC. To summarize, “I came for the car and stayed for the people.”


Our most recent Drive and Dine was organized by Dave Rowe to escort the Viet Nam Wall and Viet Nam Veterans into Parkston for the four-day celebration. Job well done, Dave.

The next Drive & Dine will meet at 7:30 AM on August 6 at Risen Savior Catholic Church (301 N Splitrock BLVD, Brandon, SD). Glen & Mick Hofer have organized a two-day trip to follow the escape route of the James/Younger gang after their famous bank robbery. Motel reservations are required, so call Glen at (606-351-7751) for details.

Join us for the next Drive & Dine which will substitute for the regular August meeting. We’ll meet at the Fred Assam Elementary School (7700 E Willow Wood St. Sioux Falls) on August 31 at 5:30, depart at 6:00, do a drive by for Todd Williams (former member) and caravan to Nordstroms for the BHCC Post Classic Picnic. The meal will be catered by Tony’s, BYOB, bottled water will be provided by the club and since the Nordstrom’s brother-in-law is J. Lohr, they will be serving some great wine. We’ll have some fun, socialize, and some will go home with some nice prizes. DON’T MISS THIS ONE!!


Mike Skiles


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