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OCTOBER DRIVE AND DINE - Overnight in Nebraska!

The SFCC has one more Drive and Dine planned that will incorporate numerous options.

Since everyone’s schedules and interests differ, we’re going to offer several options and experiment a bit on this trip to see how people like it. You can make it one longer day or two days with a little variety to customize it to your liking. You’re encouraged to call your closest Corvette travel friends to personalize and share your trip plans.

Here’s what’s planned and the options available:


6:30 Caravan departs Marlin’s at the Tea Exit

10:00 Arrive at the Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed, 599 Oakcreek Dr; Lincoln, NE 68528 ( for the tour. Museum closes at 1:00 PM.

1:00 Dinner on your own. We’ll try to find a place near the museum to have dinner together, but no promises. ( Lincoln has some amazing restaurants!

OR Return to Sioux Falls, you’d arrive about 6:00

OR Take the 50 minute drive to Arbor Day Farm ( to spend the afternoon for a one hour walk to view every species of tree that grows in the Northern hemisphere. Arbor Day Farm is the birthplace of Arbor Day and this weekend is theoretically the peak of colors.

OR OR Take the one hour drive to Omaha, get a room and spend the evening in the Old Market ( area for wine, dining, and music.


?? Drive back to Sioux Falls on I-29

OR Visit Arbor Day Farm

OR Travel north on I-29 to Missouri Valley or Mondamin (widest Main Street in the US) and then follow the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway to Sioux City. Go to for interesting, relaxing stops for cider, walks, lunch, ice cream and or wine.

(Sadly, the Speedway Museum is closed on Sundays, so you'll have to go back to see it all. Tim Mathews, a former member of the SFCC, is the museum curator of this very impressive, three floor display of cars, engines, race cars, pedal cars, lunch boxes, and much more.)

If you haven't been to these places, go check out their websites listed above. This is sure to be a fun Drive & Dine weekend!!


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