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Calibration and Certification Service

I’ve been asked several times by club members about a rumored speeding ticket I received on the return trip from LaCrosse.

It is a rumor, what actually occurred is that I had my speedometer calibrated and certified by an official officer of the MN. Dept of Motor Vehicles.

Here’s how it works. You select the speed you want certified, set your cruise and drive on I-90 (E or W bound), appointments are not necessary, MN.D.M.V. makes a random selection of the speedometers to be calibrated and there is no guarantee that you will be selected, so you may have to make several trips.

I was traveling west when I was selected for certification and the officer was traveling east. He appeared to be very excited about delivering my certification, so enthused that he drove off the east bound lane, through the median, and on to the west bound lane, at a speed great enough to tear up a little sod that was still hanging from his front bumper when I pulled to the side of the road. He was nicely dressed in a uniform including a tie and a hat. He made an official presentation of my certificate, signed it and had me sign it too.

He explained the charge for this service is based on a floating scale based on the speed I selected. He also explained that an additional service is rendered at no additional charge. He said that my certification would be posted on a website, so that insurance companies all over the U.S. have the knowledge that my speedometer has been calibrated and certified. This information is also available to officers in other states, to be used for re-certification events.

The presentation ceremony is much like winning a large jackpot at a casino. There were lights blinking and sirens blaring. Passing motorists shared the excitement by slowing down to watch, smile, and point. (Some even honked) It sure gets your adrenaline flowing.

I think I’ll write to GM and tell them they do an excellent job of calibrating speedometers. The speed shown on my heads-up display matched the speed listed on my certification form exactly.

Mike (not Colleen this time)


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