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Cruisin' Together

Our Corvette Club was invited to join other car clubs in Sioux Falls as the Great Plains Streetrodders, hosted a caravan around town on Saturday at 4pm. We met at the VFW and from there, around 50 cars, of all makes, models and years, caravaned to two different retirement home sites. Warren and Kay Huber were right behind us in the parade. Don't know if there were other corvettes or not. We were in them middle of the pack.

We traveled south on Minnesota Ave and west on 57th, with other traffic slowing to see the array of cars in the caravan. We traveled to Trail Ridge Retirement Community where we drove through and around their cul-de-sac. We were met by many residents, who were sitting or standing outside, waving American Flags, cheering and thanking us for doing this. It was a very awesome experience. From there, we traveled west on 57th to Tea/Ellis road and north to 26th before turning east and pulling into the Retirement home at 26th and Dorothy Ave, and again were greeted with people outside as well as waving through windows. From there, we all went our separate ways. The whole trip was about 50 minutes long.

You can see more

of the pictures, taken by Tom Olson, of the Streetrodders, by looking at the Great Plains Streetrodders facebook page.

It was a great time and I would encourage the other club members to join next Saturday, May 2nd at 4pm, to join another caravan.

Dave and Jill Rowe

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