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It’s legal!! If you drive a Street Rod, Rat Rod, Sports Car, or a collector car you can drive it legally without a front license plate and have a Personalized Rear Plate Only in South Dakota. The original law passed in 2016 was viewed as too restrictive in the eyes of many of the fifty two member clubs of the United Car Council of South Dakota. Representative Larry Zikmund sponsored a Bill to increase the mileage limit from 6000 to 7500 miles/year and to allow personalized plates for what the State calls Special Interest Vehicles. Special Interest Vehicles are described in the law as a “vehicle that is collected, preserved, restored, or maintained by the owner as a leisure pursuit and is not used for general or commercial transportation.” The law is written with a mileage limitation to exclude daily drivers.

Across the US there are 20 States that require a rear plate only on all vehicles plus an additional 12 States that require a rear plate only on certain vehicles, much like the law in SD. Drilling holes in the front bumper to mount a front plate on your pride and joy is tough to do, plus if you sell your vehicle in one of the thirty two Sates that don’t require a front plate the selling price may be lower. For a $25 fee you can eliminate the front plate to get the look you want, improve the air flow, and increase the value. The increased mileage limit will allow you to explore the USA & Canada, attend national car events, to travel freely to discover those hidden gems, and enjoy the car hobby more. Tourism generates huge revenue for SD businesses so remember to promote SD tourism on every out of state trip you take. The fee for a personalized plate remains at $25/year. The new law will go into effect July 1, 2018.

The United Car Council would like to THANK everyone who contributed money , everyone who contacted their legislators, members of all car clubs, the SD Auto Body Association, Sioux Falls Corvette Club, Representative Larry Zikmund and Senator Jack Kolbeck for your help passing the new law.

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