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Rear Plate Only Update


APRIL 20, 2017

Thanks to the efforts from members of 50+ Car Clubs across the state of South Dakota effective July 1, 2016 owners of street rods, sports cars and collector cars have the option of driving legally with a Rear Plate Only. Thank you again for supporting the UCCSD’s and our successful campaign to get the law changed. We were pleased to get the law changed, but disappointed that we did not get the personalized plate included and that the mileage limit is too restrictive. UCCSD has started work on both of those issues and plans to work on both during the 2018 Legislative Session. We do not plan to hire a lobbyist, but will be asking your help contacting legislators. There was only one dissenting vote during the 2016 session due to your phone calls and emails to legislators, so hopefully we can count on you to duplicate your efforts.

On a totally unrelated note, here’s an idea that might be something your Car Club can use. If your Club is looking for a simple addition to your next Car Show to make a positive impact on young people, a community service, for public relations, or to add value to your sponsors try this.

Offer a” Kid’s Corral” by parking a few cars in a designated area where kids along with their parents can come to sit in their favorite car, have their photo taken, and with parental consent be given a ride. Each kid is given a cardboard picture frame with a positive message that is reinforced verbally by the car owners. Hopefully they hang it in their room as constant reminder that hopefully this simple act may influence their life in a positive way. When you put a smile on the face of a kid you put a bigger smile on their parent’s face.

Take a look at the example, use the idea, modify the message, change the sponsor logos and make it yours. You can have them printed locally or contact Express Copy & Printing (605-332-2484) to order.

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