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You'll Never Be Bored Again!

Just itching to get that Vette out of the garage? Yes, there is lots of open road waiting for you....but where can you go that is new and exciting? Have we got some great news for you! Just head on over to our web calendar for a trunk-load full of trips, tours and events waiting for you.

You will find events sponsored by our own Sioux Falls Corvette Club (look for the yellow entries), those sponsored by other clubs around the region (green entries) , as well as many in Bowling Green and around the country hosted by the National Corvette Museum (all those with pink entries).

You might want to put a big star beside this event from the Lone Star Corvette Club! On May19-21, they host the Lone Star Corvette Classic in Fort Worth, Tx. This 28th Annual event takes place at the Texas Motor Speedway. They have brought big groups of Vette enthusiasts to our own Black Hills Corvette maybe it's time we reciprocate and head on down the road to our neighbors in the South!

So, throw those shovels and winter gear aside and get out your calendar. Now is the time to start planning some of those great trips and tours! You'll never be bored again!

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