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Come join the fun September 30th! Take a Corvette trip to the Fagen WWII Flight Museum in Granite Falls MN (30 min. north of Marshall). Re-live WWII history, including full-scale dioramas, many WWII machines and most of all, many WWII trainer and fighter airplanes in flying condition. The airplanes will be active if the weather is nice, and rides might be available in a PT26 WWII trainer ($125, but long rides). Some of the airplanes include two P40s, two P51 Mustangs, Japanese Zero, P38 (forked tail devil), B25, FM-2 Wildcat, and MORE! The museum is free, but a freewill donation is appreciated. (suggested $10)

Vehicles, Art Exhibits, Library, Airplanes-something for everyone.

It is a two hour 30min. drive. We should plan on leaving 8:30ish to get there for lunch, and the rest of the day at the museum at your pleasure. Lunch might be at the Golf Club, but I need a head count, so will determine the exact place as soon as I can, as well as firm up the departure place and time. We can have a guided tour, or go on our own. If you would like to see more, go to or google Fagen flight museum. Hope you will join us for the fun.

Please Rsvp me as soon as possible, at as they would like a head count.


Doc Walker

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