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Sioux Falls Corvette Club members, along with our sponsor’s customers proved once again that

Corvettes don’t shrink when driven on rainy days. Despite the dreary rainy day, most took the lemons

mother nature provided and made lemonade. Farmers especially, but all of us benefit from a good

spring rain. Most of us wash our Vettes after any longer road trip, so I guess it doesn’t matter much if a

Corvette needs a wash job or really needs a wash job. About 40 SFCC members attended our first

Meeting in Motion/Jerry’s Poker Run, a day filled with pleasant surprises during this well planned, fun

filled day. Thank You to Jerry’s Chevrolet & Corvette for sponsoring our club and an event that included

gifts, a great prime rib dinner and some very generous cash prizes for the Poker Run winners. (Bill

McMenamy 1st , Steve Johnson 2nd , Marie Nordstrom 3rd ). Please say thank you to our sponsor by

thinking of them for your next vehicle purchase, your service needs, or by recommending Jerry’s to

family & friends. We’re fortunate to have a quality GM dealership in our area.

Normally Poker Runs require that you stop at 5-6 bars to draw a card or get a stamp. Our Poker

Run was a little more driver friendly that required only five photos to qualify for the card drawing

during a happy hour at our final stop the 1015 Steak company in Sibley. People had the option to stop at

Waddy’s in Hudson and the Foreign Candy company in Hull and based on comments we’ll keep using

this model for future Poker Runs that are part of our Wheels Turning Tour.

Our next SFCC sponsored driving event will be on Saturday morning, May 27 for a Cruise and

Coffee to “My favorite Baked Goods” in Larchwood, IA. We’ll leave the Washington High School parking

lot at 8:30, take the back roads to Larchwood to enjoy some camaraderie, coffee and baked goods. Try

the sweet potato cinnamon roll or the berry scone.


Mike Skiles

PS: Our next Meeting in Motion will be Tuesday, June 15 at Buffalo Ridge Brewing in Hartford, You can

show up anytime or join the caravan that will leave the Ramkota parking lot at 5:30 There will be a

street closure for Corvette parking, live music on the patio, local craft beers, and food trucks. Oh yea a

short meeting too.


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