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There’s an old saying “many times a little goes a long way.”

As most know, Nordstrom’s Automotive Recycling hosts a nationally syndicated automotive talk show called “Under the Hood.” It has grown to the #1 auto talk show in the US!

Hosted by the “Motor Medics” Shannon Nordstrom and Russ and Chris also donate their time, to be the announcers for the Quick 60 at Hot Summer Nights.

The Quick 60 is becoming a VERY popular drawing card at Hot Summer Nights and soon to become even more popular.

To show our appreciation, we presented the Under the Hood show with a Thank You plaque as a small token because they are such benefit to the Sioux Falls Corvette Club & the Black Hills Corvette Classic. On the radio/podcast show, after they received the plaque, the Motor Medics mentioned the award and it became a 2–3-minute segment explaining exactly what the Quick 60 consists of. That type of advertising from three car guys discussing a new and unique car event to a national audience of car guys is hard to duplicate.

Thanks again to the Nordstroms and the Under the Hood show!


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