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Here's an option for everyone to consider if you want to see some spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery and great fall colors while attending a Corvette event. There are actually two separate events, back to back, so take a look at the flyers to get details of each event.

The Telluride Cars and Colors Festival (September 26-29) is a major event, with everything from air shows, land record car displays and of course, high-end classic cars. The festival weekend fills the hotels and condos to the max but the there are lots of empty spaces during the mid-week prior to the big show.

The Corvettes and Colors (September 23-25) give us the chance to fill the empty spaces at much lower mid-week rates and dovetails nicely with the larger show. We have chosen to keep it simple, with a few short Peoples Choice car shows, a poker run and several unguided cruises to Silverton/Ouray and the Gateway Auto museum. The city of Telluride is blocking off several blocks of the main street for our afternoon/evening Peoples Choice show. Telluride in late September is breathtaking!

Information provided by Bob Landdeck Southern Colorado Corvette Club.

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