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Happy New Year and welcome to the 2019 edition of the SFCC ! I’m looking forward to an exciting year.

Welcome to our new Board members for 2019, VP John Kladstrup; Secretary, Jeff Watkins; Glen Hoffer has moved from Spring Rally to Historian position; Greg and Rita Miller have taken over the Spring Rally; and Stu and Shirley Oines are our new Merchandise folks. The rest of the Board positions are returning 2018 members. Mike Gilbride remains in a liaison position with the Board in his position of Membership Ambassador. Mike’s job is to help the Vice President with follow-up help to new members, encouraging long term members to stay active and whatever else he deems appropriate to do. He was a great help to me during my tenure as VP in 2018. Keep up the good work, my friend !

For those of you that didn’t get to the annual Banquet, Our immediate past President Kaye Wagner announced that she had been selected to be on the 2019 Board of Directors for the National Corvette Museum. Congrats, Kaye !

What an awesome opportunity. As we checked the calendar for 2019 meeting dates, we ran into several months that had five Wednesdays instead of the typical four Wednesdays. Therefore, we will be holding general membership meetings on the LAST Wednesday of each month, with Board meetings on Tuesday of the week before. Please check the calendar and then marks yours accordingly. We will continue to have Board meetings on Tuesday, the week before the General meeting.

I’m excited about the NCM caravan coming thru Sioux Falls in August of 2019. Clair Steiner is taking control of that function and the Hilton Garden Inn will be the headquarters for that event the weekend of Aug 22-25. I would encourage members to get involved with Clair to make this a fun event for our corvettes friends, stopping in Sioux Falls that weekend. You will hear more as Clair puts together an itinerary and presents to the club.

As 2018 President Kaye Wagner promoted, we encourage all members to wear name tags to meetings. The longer term “more experienced” members know each other by site, but the newer members don’t and even some long term members don’t know each other if we don’t socialize. So………..I will continue to encourage wearing name tags to meetings. For those of you that are new to the club, members wear BLUE name tags and Board members wear RED name tags, so we are more identifiable for questions or information.

Mike Skiles will continue to create ”Drive and Dine” opportunities through-out the year, so be watching for those. Rumor has it, he may be setting up some “overnight” ventures, as well. Watch the CHIPS or even better, join us a at meeting to find out what cruise he comes up with next. Thanks, Mike, for continuing to do these. They are a great time !

AND last but certainly not least……. A new and exciting idea for Hot Summer Nites ! Kris will explain at the meeting. For those of you who can’t be there, we will get you the information in the CHIPS. Hope to see you at the January meeting. (Wednesday Jan 30th )

Dave Rowe, President

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