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"America's Sports Car" the publication of the National Corvette Museum is sent to all members of the Museum with a very targeted audience of Corvette fans. The Sioux Falls Corvette Club is a Lifetime Member of the Museum due the generosity of the SFCC during the formative years of the Museum. Congratulation to SFCC for celebrating it's 15th anniversary as a Lifetime member. One of the benefits is a free ad, which is used each year for the BHCC which appeared in the current issue. Thank you, Chris for being on top of your game.

Another really nice BHCC ad is in the current issue of Motor Market. Click this link to check it out:

Now it's our turn to do some advertising. We all know people who own Corvettes but have not attended the BHCC, so please take the time to call, text or e-mail Corvette owners you to invite them to attend

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