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Judging by participation and smiles on kids faces the CORVETTE KIDS CORRAL at Vette Street in Spearfish was a huge success. Six Corvettes and thirteen SFCC members were kept busy by about 80 kids who had their pictures taken in a Corvette and given a five minute ride through a residential area. Kids with parental consent were given rides that put smiles on their faces and smiles on their parents faces too.

Drivers verbally reinforced the message printed on the picture frame that " Positive attitude, plus good decisions, equals great rewards" and reported that most kids were willing to engage in the conversation and receptive to the message. Comments from parents and some local citizens were also positive and we were encouraged to continue to provide this simple gesture in future years.

At Sioux Falls at Hot Summer nights kids were allowed to sit in a Corvette for a photo, but due to the large crowd rides were not given.

Thank you to Greg Miller, Greg's son, Curtis, Mike & Connie Gilbride, BJ & Lisa Glasgow, Greg Johnson, Jason & Heather Ahrendt and Glenn Visser for donating their time & vehicle for what could potentially have a positive impact on the lives of our future generations, in addition to the good will generated. All of the volunteers felt good about giving this small gift to the kids and the community and in a small way making the BHCC a better event.

Thank you to Jason Ahrendt State Farm Insurance, Queen City Motors, Jerry's Chevrolet & Corvette and Visit Spearfish for their sponsorship.

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