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About twenty five years ago our Club voted to become a member of the South Dakota Adopt-A-Highway program. I could be more exact of the date, but Ms. Memory is outside mowing right now so my approximations will have to suffice. Shortly after that I received a call from Bill Nelson on a Friday night. He had been called out of town and asked if I could handle the clean-up. Being an old Boy Scout used to looking after Mother Nature I said, “Yes, of course.” I thought it was a three hour commitment but now, more than two decades later, I should take this opportunity to thank Bill.

I know I have mentioned this in past posts, (please forgive me, regular readers, but after forty reports, you need to expect some repetition). I can think of few public service activities more appropriate for a car club than keeping four miles of our State’s highway ditches picked up. As a native born South Dakotan, I can’t remember a year of my life when I have not been hiking, camping, hunting, and otherwise enjoying the nature South Dakota offers me. Helping keep that environment clean seems a small gesture of my gratitude. I get a real kick out of telling people from other parts of the U.S. and people from other countries that I live in my State’s largest “city” and I can point my vehicle in any direction and be in the country within fifteen minutes.

Being “in charge” of highway clean-ups has a couple of distinct advantages. First, I can always attend because the dates never conflict with another activity I need to do. (Think about it.) The best part is that I have an opportunity to get to know fellow members of the Club better during our travel time, walking time, and eating time. This Fall clean-up was no different than others. If you want to get to know someone better, I say, “Go pick up some trash together!” To Bill Nelson I say, “Thank you!”

The following folks met at 9:30 Saturday, October 1st, drove South on Hwy 115 to the Club’s ditches, walked for an hour, and returned to Dareo’s Pizza for food, refreshment, and fellowship: Roger Coon, Heidi Eidsvold, Ian Eidsvold, Dallis Englund, Kaye Huber, Warren Huber, Kathy Miller, Dusty Miller, Dave Mutschelknaus, Mike Skiles, Kim Vanderwerf, Joyce Vanderwilt, and Harold Vanderwilt.

Thanks to all who have participated,

Dusty Miller

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