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Fall Banquet

Hey Guys and Gals, it's time to dust off that great Cowboy/Girl Hat that's probably sitting in the back closet, Shine up those good looking Cowboy/Girl boots and dig out that big old buckle that looks so good with your best pair of Jeans or casual slacks!!

A certain club member, who wishes to remain anonymous (Yeah, right - initials are A. N .) issued a challenge to a few members at the end of the last general meeting. The challenge was to wear the a fore mentioned items to the Fall Banquet, this coming November 12th - that's next Friday evening, if you're not a numbers person!

I'm thinking there might even be a very informal fashion show, with a prize to the best judged (by the members who choose not to wear the a fore mentioned Hat/Boots/Buckle) combination (not based on WHO'S wearing them) of items - after all we wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings!

Remember, if you have a Corvette, YOU ARE A COWBOY/GIRL! You have at least 150 horses at your command! They're ready to Romp and Stomp!

So y'all come on out now - ya hear! Will you accept the challenge??????

Mike Gilbride

Your Beloved, OutGoing President

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