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Fagan WWII Flight Museum

What do 19 Corvettes, a Saturn Sky, a Lincoln Navigator and 2 airplanes have in common? Answer: Their passengers all enjoyed beautiful weather and a living memorial to one of the most critical times in our nation’s history, World War II. Thank you to Doc & Pam Walker for organizing a Day Trip to this incredible collection of WWII aircraft that are flown on a regular basis.

It’s hard to believe something of this magnitude concerning WWII aviation exists so close to us. Many fighter aircraft, a B25 bomber, WWII trainers, and an immaculate restoration of a “Jenny” (a 1915-1919) are on display and all fly.

We were treated to a great aerial display by Evan Fagan in an F4F Grumman “Wildcat” including many “runway checks” (low passes to see that the runway is still straight.) The engine sounds were incredible. Wildcats were used in the Pacific Theater and were among the airplanes responsible for winning the Battle of Midway.

Many dioramas included WWII ground transportation, gun platform vehicles, a WWII glider trainer and a glider troop carrier.

Six people took advantage of rides in the Fairchild PT-26, a WWII trainer; all enjoyed the learning experience and the comradery of likeminded people.

“I came for the car, and stayed for the people.” “Save the wave”

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