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It must be Spring in South Dakota. The cardinals and finches have returned to our feeders. Kathy has mowed the lawn twice and the Spring Rally is scheduled for tomorrow. The other sure sign of Spring is a gathering of a handsome group of people in Dareo’s parking lot all dressed in lime green safety vests.

Club members gathered April 29th and departed shortly after 9:30 for the two mile stretch of State Hwy 115 we adopted years ago. Thanks to Lisa Glasgow, Mike Gilbride, and Warren Huber for helping transport our team to our work site. Conditions were perfect for the work ahead of us. It was overcast so no one got sunburned. The temperature was in the high 40’s and little to no breeze meant no one froze. Dry ditches and short grass made finding trash easy.

For those readers not well versed in the science of cleaning ditches, a perfectly clean ditch in the Spring means there is less trash available for the mowers to shred later in the season to be picked up in the Fall. As a little incentive to do a diligent cleaning, members are always free to keep anything they find. Kathy came home with a small rubber ball and although John DeWitt scored a happy-meal toy still in the original package, he passed and it went into his bright orange garbage bag.

We all walked one mile in about one hour and were headed back to Dareo’s Pizza at 11:00. Food, beverage, and friendly service greeted us when we arrived. We all ate, drank, and made merry for about an hour before departing.

The Club would like to thank to following sixteen members whose effort this Spring keeps our pledge to the adopt-a-highway program and helps keep South Dakota and America beautiful:

Joe Bruggeman, Roger Corkill, John DeWit, Connie Gilbride, Mike Gilbride, Lisa Glasgow, BJ Glasgow, Kaye Huber, Warren Huber, Jill Lange, Kathy Miller, Dusty Miller, Bob Schmid, Joyce Vanderwilt, Harold Vanderwilt, and Todd Williams.

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