You'll Never Be Bored Again!

Just itching to get that Vette out of the garage? Yes, there is lots of open road waiting for you....but where can you go that is new and exciting? Have we got some great news for you! Just head on over to our web calendar for a trunk-load full of trips, tours and events waiting for you. You will find events sponsored by our own Sioux Falls Corvette Club (look for the yellow entries), those sponsored by other clubs around the region (green entries) , as well as many in Bowling Green and around the country hosted by the National Corvette Museum (all those with pink entries). You might want to put a big star beside this event from the Lone Star Corvette Club! On May19-21, they hos


Luverne MN is the home of several attractions that most of us did not know about until our February Drive &Dine. Twenty SFCC members drove their daily drivers to tour the Brandenburg Gallery and Military Museum. What we found was very impressive. The gallery and museum are housed in the totally remodeled former Rock County sheriff’s office, sheriff’s family living quarters and the county jail. Jim Brandenburg’s wildlife photography is displayed on the first two floors and the Military Museum occupies the top two floors. The exterior of the four story quartz building is flanked by an outdoor patio and a memorial to the men and women who served our country in the military. The fence aroun

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