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Welcome New SFCC Members!

I often refer to the “Corvette Season” as the months we drive our Corvettes, but based on new members joining SFCC and current members renewing membership I have been wrong. Looks like interest in “America’s Sports Car” is a year around thing. Fifteen people have joined SFCC since Jan 1, which brings our membership to 184. Here’s a brief introduction of our new members and a little profile taken from their applications.

  • Hailey Johnke is a high School student from Lennox who rode to daycare in a Corvette. She owned her first Corvette when she was five years old, it was pink and went about 5 mph. Her parents, Del & Jen, have been members for many years and have volunteered for several roles in both the SFCC and the BHCC.

  • Bill & Mary Clarke from Sioux City joined us at the Fall Color Run in the Black Hills this fall, had a good time and joined SFCC recently. They plan to join us for Drive & Dine's and other activities. They have owned several Corvettes and have a history of NCCC race events.

  • Ronald & Barbara Hansen bought their first Corvette in 2007 and have been enthusiasts and look forward to traveling the US in their Corvette.

  • Lee & Kathy Jensen from Rapid City are familiar faces and have been honorary members for several years due to their long time, Riddle's Jewelry support for BHCC diamond give-away at the BHCC. They decided to join SFCC as regular members because membership offers so much.

  • Larry & Sherry Dinkel from Norfolk, NE first Corvette is a 2016, joined the National Corvette Museum Anniversary Caravan with 7000 other Vettes and has experienced the Ron Fellows Driving School, a must do thing for your bucket list.

  • Greg & Sue Wirth are retired, live in Viborg and received their one year free membership as a bonus for purchasing their 2016 Stingray from Jerry’s. Looks like they have a new way to enjoy retired life in addition to five grandkids.

  • Jeff & Brenda Pinkerman from Sioux Falls bought a 2021 Torch Red Stingray from Jerry’s and we are looking forward to seeing you and your new purchase at upcoming events.

  • DuWayne & Shannon Peterson from Springfield, MN have 3 kids, ages 24, 17, & 11 to keep them busy in addition to a black 2011 ZO-6 they purchased from Jerry’s.

  • I also want to give a shout out to our “long distance member” who has renewed his membership for 2021. Kelly Close from Kindersley, SK, Canada became acquainted with several members of SFCC at the BHCC several years ago, had a good time and has been a member of SFCC for several years. He says as soon as the border opens his Callaway will be cruising in the US. Be sure to ask him about the minus 56 degree weather in his hometown. That makes our minus 20 feel balmy.

The general membership of SFCC has a wide variety of backgrounds, some of which have been members since SFCC was established in 1971. Many members have adopted the mantra, “I came for the car, I stayed for the people.” Welcome to all new members and to members who have renewed their membership.

If you haven’t renewed, simply mail your check to SFCC, PO Box 90, Sioux Falls, SD 57101

Our first meeting of 2021 is on March 31 at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Plan to join us to hear about plans for our “Wheels Turning Tour” including monthly Drive & Dines, day trips, Car Show, Spring Rally, BHCC and more.




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