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Most Corvettes are stored for the winter months, many SFCC members are down south somewhere warm, and the majority of us are looking forward to 2022 with optimism. Here’s an update on what’s going on in our Corvette world.

  • No membership meetings in Jan or Feb. First meeting is March 30 at the Hilton.

Plan to join us on Jan 30 from 2-5 pm at the Blind Butcher Brewery for time to socialize and taste everyone’s favorite Chili. Bring a medium size crock pot of your best chili, we’ll all taste test, then vote and award prizes to the top three favorites. If you don’t like chili, you can order a delicious Stensland’s Pizza. The Blind Butcher is a 30-minute drive and you’ll be impressed when you walk into this remodeled machine shed on an acreage near Inwood, IA. (2167 Buchanan, Inwood, IA). This will be a great break from winter cabin fever to socialize, taste a few of the 15 craft beers, and watch the NFL Conference Championships. The impressive computerized, self-serve row of taps allow you to customize each pour between 1 oz or a full glass. (Wine, seltzers, sodas and apple cider are also available).

  • The Blind Butcher Brewery is unique because of its partnership with the University of Iowa Institute for Vision Research (IVR). IVR’s mission is to put together a pathway to prevention and cure for many causes of blindness, including Rob’s. Rob along with his family operate the Blind Butcher and donate all tips to IVR. The Blind Butcher is closed on Sundays but will be open for us to use their space for our Chili Challenge, so let’s fill the place, spend a little money, have some fun and tip well. Call a couple of Corvette friends and invite them to join us.

  • The monthly board of directors’ meetings are held at the same place as our membership meetings and are open to you to share your input. Right now, discussing the events we’re planning for the warmer months is our primary topic. Again, this year we’ll try to keep the “Wheels Turning” which will include the Spring Rally (Greg & Rita Miller), Spring Car Show (John Kollander), BHCC (Barry Konken), Drive & Dines (Dave Rowe), Day Trips (all), and possibly a Club Trip to one of the many Corvette events held across the Nation. Some of the possible destinations being discussed are the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, or Montana.



Mike Skiles


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