October 31, 2019


     2019 proved to be a challenging year for the South Dakota Adopt-A-Highway program. It is only now, as I sit here composing this report, that I realize what circumstances have conspired to confound efforts to keep our ditches free of litter. First an...

May 15, 2018

“…….I had a great time!…..”
“….That was fun!.......”

Those were just a couple of the positive comments heard following the
Spring cleaning of our Club’s adopted highway. The weather was about
as perfect as could be hoped for.

Our cleaning crew assembled on May 5th and de...

October 13, 2017

     It’s Autumn here in South Dakota. There is that morning coolness in the air that triggers an inner sense that it is time to start thinking about raking leaves, hunting trips, holiday gatherings, leaving for warmer Winter quarters in the South, and of course…..High...

April 29, 2017

     It must be Spring in South Dakota. The cardinals and finches have returned to our feeders. Kathy has mowed the lawn twice and the Spring Rally is scheduled for tomorrow. The other sure sign of Spring is a gathering of a handsome group of people in Dareo’s parking...

November 11, 2016


About twenty five years ago our Club voted to become a member of the South Dakota Adopt-A-Highway program. I could be more exact of the date, but Ms. Memory is outside mowing right now so my approximations will have to suffice. Shortly after that I rece...

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