Kids' Corvette Corral (Jerry's Chevrolet, in conjunction with April 8th Drive & Dine)

What is a KIDS CORVETTE CORRAL? It's something new, it's an experiment, and it will be rewarding to you, some kids, their parents and to Jerry's, our sponsor of SFCC & BHCC. (It will be held from 1-3pm at Jerry's Cheverolet, in conjunction with our Drive & Dine on April 8th) I need five volunteers who are willing to arrive at 12:30, let kids sit in your Vette for photos, and with parental consent give them a ride around a few blocks in Beresford. I guarantee you'll put some big smiles on kids faces along with bigger smiles from their parents. If we can make a kid happy, we make their parents happy which is good for SFCC and Jerry's. Our plan is to give each kid a cardboard picture frame

Corvette Edurance Racing

In last issue of New Roads, a publication from Chevrolet there is an article about a guy from Florida that works for a water purification company that requires a lot driving. His current daily driver is a 2000 Corvette coupe that has 730,000 miles on the original engine. His 1991 Corvette was retired at 342,000 miles. This is proof that Corvette has learned much from it's endurance racing program. To put endurance racing in perspective, by the time the average NASCAR Daytona 500 ends (3.5 hours) a typical Corvette at the 24 Hours at Daytona would have made the first of 10 driver changes (3 drivers do shifts totaling about 8 hours each). In the 24 hour run, the two Corvette C7.R's each c

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