FALL 2016 REPORT About twenty five years ago our Club voted to become a member of the South Dakota Adopt-A-Highway program. I could be more exact of the date, but Ms. Memory is outside mowing right now so my approximations will have to suffice. Shortly after that I received a call from Bill Nelson on a Friday night. He had been called out of town and asked if I could handle the clean-up. Being an old Boy Scout used to looking after Mother Nature I said, “Yes, of course.” I thought it was a three hour commitment but now, more than two decades later, I should take this opportunity to thank Bill. I know I have mentioned this in past posts, (please forgive me, regular readers, but after forty re

SFCC Board Vote

We need your vote! Voting for the SFCC Board members will be held at the Fall Banquet, November 12th. If you are unable to make it to the banquet, absentee voting is allowed via regular mail - SFCC PO Box 90, SF SD, 57101 OR via email to We value your input.

Fall Banquet

Hey Guys and Gals, it's time to dust off that great Cowboy/Girl Hat that's probably sitting in the back closet, Shine up those good looking Cowboy/Girl boots and dig out that big old buckle that looks so good with your best pair of Jeans or casual slacks!! A certain club member, who wishes to remain anonymous (Yeah, right - initials are A. N .) issued a challenge to a few members at the end of the last general meeting. The challenge was to wear the a fore mentioned items to the Fall Banquet, this coming November 12th - that's next Friday evening, if you're not a numbers person! I'm thinking there might even be a very informal fashion show, with a prize to the best judged (by the members who

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